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Final Month of the Na Pali Pirates Season

Open Ceiling Cave, Na Pali Coast

Our final month of the season is upon us. We only operate during peak summer months (May-September) to ensure that you have the best tour possible! This means that there are only weeks left to enjoy the entire Na Pali Coast on our zodiac raft! 

Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to experience the Na Pali Coastline. Join us during our final month, climb aboard the most fun, adventure filled zodiac along the Na Pali and enjoy the ride! 


Where we are sad that our season is coming to an end, it is due to safety reasons why we make that decision to close in the winter months. The surf along the Na Pali can reach up to 30 feet in the winter, making sea caves, snorkeling, and close access to the coast impossible. We want you to experience the entire coast and at the upmost safety!