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Na Pali Pirates

Na Pali Coast Raft & Snorkeling Tours | Kauai, HI

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Na Pali’s Ideal Touring Vessels

Sea Caves

Easily the highlight of Na Pali, each and every sea cave is unique from the last and a sight to behold. Whether the water is calm and peaceful or loud, wet, and wild, vivid memories of being up close and personal with these caves will live within you forever.

It is typically during the sea cave portion of our tour that raft riders realize they made the right choice when they chose our nimble rafts over the big, rocky, and crowded cattle boats that are too large to get near the caves.


Only rafts and other small boats are allowed by law to snorkel at Na Pali Coastʻs precious Nualolo cove. This is by far Na Paliʻs most beautiful reef which offers a pristine place to swim and snorkel with Kauaiʻs charmed marine life. Whether you choose to snorkel or decide to stay onboard and admire the spectacular 2,000ft cliff backdrop, weʻre confident you wonʻt want to leave this amazing cove.

Cold drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit will be served during this stationary / snorkel portion of the tour. All clean, modern, and top of the line snorkel gear is included and onboard at all times to use at your discretion.

Our Rafts

While most Na Pali boats offer similar versions of the same tour, rafts stand out from the others. Aside from people clearly having more fun and traveling a lot faster, raft boats are able to get much closer to the coast allowing riders to experience a much more in-depth, up close, and personal tour.

Our rafts are equipped with comfort padded pontoons, relief seat chairs, bluetooth stereos, and custom snorkel ladders. It is our opinion that we doubt you could find a more cutting edge and well-cared-for raft on the entire island. We take great pride in our tour, our safety standards, and our vessels, right down to the finest detail.

Explore the Beautiful Na Pali Coast!

Adult $145 · Child $125

Explore the entirety of the Na Pali Coast by Zodiac boat, including every sea cave on the coast, a high chance of dolphin encounters, and snorkeling at Nualolo Cove, Na Pali’s best snorkel spot! Take in panoramic views of the spectacular Na Pali coast, featuring 17 miles of rugged, mountainous shoreline.

You don’t want to miss out on our incredible Na Pali coast boat tours! Book your trip online today!

Tour Hightlights
  • See entire stretch of the majestic Na Pali Coast
  • Marine life encounters with dolphins, monk seals, and turtles
  • Explore every sea cave
  • Snorkel at Nualolo Cove
  • Midday departure for the warmest tour with exceptional Na Pali Coast lighting

Top-Rated Na Pali Coast Rafting Tours

If you want to see the Na Pali Coast...

Ok, if you want to see the Napali Coast, this is the group to go with! Capt Toby & JD we’re absolutely amazing! We went out today and had a great time, we felt 100% safe the entire time, the boat was extremely comfortable.

– Greg M., Fairbanks, AK
Na Pali Pirates Customer Service...

This company is awesome. We planned a family charter with 14 people and Terada gave us the BEST customer service you can imagine. She is terrific and gets you well prepared for the trip. She will answer any questions you or your group has about the experience and, most importantly, she will remember your name…this is the hallmark of customer service.

– Greg B., Grass Valley, CA
Hidden Caves with the Na Pali Pirates...

This was the trip of a lifetime. This tour came highly recommended from a friend and expectations were greatly exceeded! By far the highlight of this trip was the several sea caves which our two captains Nate and Kielland drove us in and out of. We noticed the bigger boats pass by as if the caves didn’t exist…Poor them!

– Amy E., Eleele, HI
One of the best tours that I have ever been on...

This tour did not disappoint. We snorkeled with sea turtles, saw the beautiful beaches and cliff sides of the Na Pali coast and even saw a huge pod of spinner dolphins! Our tour guides were also amazing, super friendly and very safety oriented. For the fun and adventurous type, this is 100% for you!

– Jen B., Scarsdale, NY