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Na Pali Coast Snorkeling at Nualolo Cove

Kauai Snorkeling at Nualolo Cove

There is something to be said about snorkeling with majestic 2,000 ft. high cliffs towering over you. Whether your face is below or above the water, youʻre in complete awe with nature’s stunning beauty at Nualolo Cove.


Na Pali's Best Snorkel Spot

Nualolo is our primary Kauai snorkeling destination which is easily the best on the entire Na Pali Coast. Fortunately for us, the majority of the Na Pali tour boats are prohibited from snorkeling in this area due to strict DLNR regulation which prevents higher capacity vessels from entering this protected reef site. With Na Pali Pirates, we fall below the set passenger limit which allows us access to this pristine area.


Top Quality Equipment Supplied

Na Pali Pirates provides and includes top-quality snorkel gear for everyone, including your mask, snorkel, fins, and defogger. As for safety equipment, we have three different styles of life vests in a variety of sizes for those who want a little extra help while in the water. We have a crew member acting as a lifeguard at all times.


Abundant Marine Life

On your Na Pali Coast snorkeling adventure, expect to see a variety of Hawaiian fish, green sea turtles, and maybe even a friendly white tipped reef shark or endemic and endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Octopuses, eagle rays, lobsters, and eels have also been spotted at our beloved Nualolo snorkel location.


Relax & Enjoy the Refreshments

For those who would rather stay high and dry, feel free to relax on the boat, listen to some music, and get to know your captain and crew. Our expert staff know Kauaʻi like the back of their hand and are always happy to share their Garden Isle knowledge with you. Cool drinks, tasty snacks, and fresh fruit are served during our one-hour snorkel stop at Nualolo reef.


Epic Fun No Matter What!

On the rare days that we are unable to visit Nualolo for one of our Kauai snorkeling tours due to weather or other conditions, our back up plan is to find a deserted white sand beach with crystal clear water, anchor out, and have a fun swim. Sometimes we are unsure if this should be our back up plan or our preferred plan because the clarity of the water over the white sand bottom is a gorgeous and inviting sight. As you can see, the unforgettable Na Pali Coast makes it easy for us to have fun regardless of conditions.