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About Our Zodiac Rafts

Na Pali’s Ideal Touring Vessels

Na Pali Pirates Operates 27' Zodiac Hurricane Rigid-Hulled Rafts

Our vessels started their lives as Navy Special Operations Vessels prior to their lives on the Na Pali Coast. Our rafts’ bulletproof hulls and sleek profiles make them the best choice for this kind of ocean rafting adventure. Equipped with twin motors and skilled crew, Na Pali Pirates specializes in giving our passengers safe access to each and all of the sea caves along the entire Na Pali Coast.


State-of-the Art Upgrades...

We have incorporated some additional comforts including state-of-the-art marine seating, custom fabricated rigid boarding ladders (to prevent pinched fingers you’ll experience on other rafts) and a public address system to allow all passengers to hear our experienced captain and crew as they share their knowledge of this incredible coastline during our Na Pali Zodiac tours.


Your Comfort is Important to Us!

Another unique comfort addition to the Pirate Adventure rafts is our thick, padded tube covers to prevent the inflatable pontoons from overheating while at the same time providing softer seats. Even with all the listed extras, the best-loved addition is the freshwater shower to rinse off the salt water after your snorkeling adventure at Nualolo.

Our Na Pali Pirates Zodiac rafts are undeniably the nicest rafts to have ever toured the Na Pali Coast and we are confident that once you take a ride with The Pirates, you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

Na Pali Pirates Tour

Explore the entirety of the Na Pali Coast by Zodiac boat, including every sea cave on the coast, a high chance of dolphin encounters, and snorkeling at Nualolo Cove, Na Pali’s best snorkel spot!