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Help Save Kauai’s Local Boat Charters


We need your Help!

Bill HB1090 has been passed without public knowledge by our state legislature and is now awaiting Governor Green’s signature. If signed, this bill would result in the revocation of 15 permits from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor. This action would have devastating consequences for our local small businesses, leaving a significant number of people without work and no alternative means of employment.

The following companies will be forced to shut down completely or significantly downsize if this bill is passed:

Na Pali Pirates
Na Pali Experience
Explore Kauai Scuba
Komohana Charters
Blue Ocean Adventures
Na Pali Dream Tours
Na Pali Odyssey
Makana Charters

Before the 2014 cap imposed by DLNR, these companies were lawfully granted permits and have since then contributed to the growth of our west side community by providing employment opportunities for locals. HB1090 was introduced through a partnership between DLNR and Ocean Tourism Coalition (OTC), a lobbying group that claims to promote ocean conservation yet advances the financial gains of wealthy commercial company owners throughout the state. The board members, who are also these owners, use their influence to eliminate competition.

STOP HB1090 by contacting Govenor Greens office and submitting your testimony.


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