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Kauai Island History

Na Pali Coast, Honopu

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain. Kauai is approximately 5.1 million years old and it was formed by volcanic activity, wind and other elements. Kauai has many special elements to it, The Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon are two that are most predominant and that stick out. No other island has the amazing terrain that Kauai does, not to mention the majority of Kauai is uninhabited by humans. 


The first settlers in Kauai were believed to be Polyneaians that sailed to Hawaii around 500 A.D. It is truly amazing that they landed in the Hawaiian islands because they did it without any navigation. They only used the trade winds and the stars to guide them. 

Tahitians also found the Hawaiian Islands and because they were more powerful, they eventually forces many of the original settlers to flee to neighbor islands. 

In the 1700’s when Westerners began arriving, Captain James Cook was credited for discovering Kauai, however there were settlers long before he arrived. Kauai is also unique for being the only Hawaiian island that was not conquered by King Kamehameha. The King of Kauai and Niihau, King Kaumualii, made a resolution with King Kamehameha to prevent any bloodshed of his people.

Today, Kauai has become a destination hot spot. With the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon being two “must sees” in Hawaii, with tourism increasing every year! Join us for a fun and amazing tour down the Na Pali Coast and see why Kauai is such a magical place!