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Must Do Kaua’i Adventures

Na Pali Coast, Honopu

Kaua’i is known as The Garden Island, but it really should be nicknamed The Adventure Island, for there are many adventurous activities to do, places to explore and fun to be had.

Hiking to a Waterfall

One of the things you must do in Hawaii is hike to a waterfall. Lucky for Kauai, there are many waterfalls that you can visit, some are very easy, like Hoopii Falls in Kapahi and some take a little more effort, like Waipoo in Kokee, and some you even have to kayak to, before you even get to the hike, like Uluwehi Falls, also know as Secret Falls in Wailua.

Ride Down the River

Kauai is the only island with navigable rivers, and the only island with transversable irrigation tunnels! You can take a tour that floats you down the irrigation tunnels in an inflatable tube.

Visit a Secluded Beach

Kaua’i has a number of secluded beaches, many only require short 20 minute walk or mild hike, from your car. You could have the whole beach to yourself on a weekday morning, or could possibly be sharing it with a sunbathing monk seal or turtle.

Ride a Wave

All year long, you can find small to midsized waves on Kauai, and plenty of surf schools to take you out on the water and get you

Tour Na Pali Coast

No Kaua’i trip is complete without a adventure on Na Pali coast, and Na Pali Pirates is the perfect choice for a thrilling ride down Na Pali. Our tour explores all the sea caves, gets you panoramic views of the 17 miles of coastline, and a hour of snorkeling at the most pristine location that only small boats can anchor, Nualolo Kai.

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