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The Garden Island

Raft with coastal cliffs in the background

Kaua’i is home to one of the wettest spots on earth. Mount Wai’alie’alie receives up to 450 inches of rain every year and is one of the reasons that Kaua’i is nicknamed the Garden Island. The amount of rain that Kaua’i gathers is why our island is so lush and green and has an abundance of waterfalls. It is not uncommon for weather to be unpredictable and rain for a period of time, then to clear up and become the most beautiful day!

Na Pali Pirates operate in the summer months when weather conditions are normally calm and clear on the Coast. However, because we are located on the Garden Island, it is not uncommon to experience rain during our tours. Thankfully, because we depart out of the West Side at Kekaha Harbor it is the most dry side of the island so even if it is raining on the North or East side there is a good chance that Kekaha is clear and beautiful!

If it ever comes to a point where we have to cancel a tour due to rain or poor weather conditions, we will notify you as soon as possible and do our best to find another time to reschedule a tour (which is why when you book with us-we ask you the date that you leave Kaua’i.) We strive to show you the best time along the Coast, Click Here to book your Na Pali Pirate adventure today!!