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Best Way to See the Na Pali Coast!

The raft speeding along the coast

Na Pali Pirates is one of the best ways to experience the Na Pali Coast. It is a fun and wild adventure and is an ideal way to spend a celebration, birthday, or family reunion! Our raft can seat up to 14 people so its a perfect fit for the entire group!

If you have a group, large or small and are looking for an adventure down the Na Pali, we truly believe our Pirate boat is the best option! What better way to celebrate with your friends or family then to see the most beautiful coastal views in the state of Hawaii! On tour, you will experience sea caves, waterfalls, marine creatures, and even spend time snorkeling at Nualolo!

Sit back, enjoy the fun, and experience the most incredible coastal views in Hawaii!

Private tours are available and can be reserved by calling us at 808-635-7238 or view our pricing options here.