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Boat or Helicopter- What is the Best Way to See the Na Pali?

Kauai's stunning Na Pali Coast

The beautiful Na Pali coast spans 17 miles of coastline. On your Kauai vacation there are countless ways to explore this unforgettable paradise. One thing that you must do is see the Na Pali Coast. The two most popular ways are by air or sea. You can take a helicopter tour, which will fly you over Na Pali, along with the rest of the island. Or you can take a boat tour that cruises along the 17 miles of coast. But if you only have time for one tour activity, we suggest a Na Pali Coast boat tour with Na Pali Pirates.

Listed below are several reasons why we believe Na Pali Pirates and a Na Pali Coast Boat Tour is your best option for seeing the entire 17 miles!

Coastal Views – Only on a raft tour can you get up close to the rocky coast and get an up close view of the coastline. And on the way back down the coast, we ride further away from the shoreline you so can capture photos and panoramic views of the valleys and coastline.

Several Hours of Fun – Our tours depart from the west side of Kauai and are 5 hours of magic along Na Pali Coast. Helicopter rides are about 55 minutes from take off to landing, allowing only minutes to experience one of the most epic coastlines in the world. In our opinion-thats not enough time to see the Na Pali!

Sea Life Encounters – During our tour, it is common to see plenty of marine life like dolphins, sea turtles, fish, manta rays, monk seals, tiger sharks and more!

Exploration of Sea Caves – Only by small boats, zodiacs, and kayaks are you able to explore all the sea caves along the coast- to us, that is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the Na Pali!

The Best Snorkeling – a highlight of our tour is the hour long snorkel at Nualolo reef.  Nuaolo is only accessible by boat and only small and medium sized are allowed to anchor here.

Our tours are tons of fun from the moment you leave the harbor and lasts for hours! It is an adventure that you will not want to end-this is why we recommend our boat tour over a helicopter tour!