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Exploring the Na Pali Coast Sea Caves- Double Door

A Cave waterfall

The Na Pali Coast is filled with several amazing beaches, caves, reefs, and views. One of the benefits of exploring the coast with us on our small catamarans is that we are able to access every single sea cave! Adventuring each cave is one of our favorite things to do on tour.

Each cave is unique and special in its own way but “Double Door” or Waiʻahuʻakua in Hawaiian, is one of our absolute favorites! Due to the swell and weather conditions, this cave is not always accessible and it is at the discretion of your Captain if the cave is doable.

As you might have guessed by the name, there are two entrances to the cave! On one side, you enter into a giant amphitheater cave but as you continue around the cave, it opens up to show an incredible waterfall that flows from several thousand feet!

The Hawaiian word Wai’ahu’akua loosely translates to Gods Water Alter (Wai= Water, Ahu = Alter, Akua= Gods). When you experience this cave for yourself, you will see why it is called that!