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Booking With Na Pali Pirates

a group of people sitting in a boat on a body of water

2023 is an exciting year for us and for the first time, we are running our charters year round! We also opened up bookings online so that you can plan your trip with us years in advance. We’re pretty stoked about this and hope you are too.

Now, keep in mind that the prime months for conditions typically run May-Sept, however, that’s not to say we can’t have a 10/10 day in mid March! This is why, we have select days that offer afternoon tours during what used to be our off season. Just keep in mind that if conditions change, we may have to move you to a morning tour or another day. Some may say it’s worth it, especially if you are looking for good lighting for photos or are staying on the opposite side of the island. And lets face it, some of us just aren’t morning people and that’s okay!

Another pro tip, is to book at the beginning of your stay and well in advance. Most tours and excursions in Hawaii book up very quickly during peak travel season and this will ensure you don’t miss out!

If you’re heading to the Garden Isle during prime times, we have our morning and afternoon tours offered daily. Feel free to book these directly on our website, or call us at 808-635-1131 if you have any questions. We are happy to assist!

Safe travels and hope to see you on the water soon!