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Kaua’i in March


March marks the end of whale watching season for us as we trickle into spring break. If traveling to Kaua’i during this month, we suggest booking early to ensure that you get your preferred dates. And as always, we encourage you to book at the start of your vacation just in case we need to reschedule due to inclement weather.

This also applies to all other excursions and dining on the island. Always book ahead during peak tourist months to ensure you have the perfect trip, especially if you have a large group. It can be almost impossible to accommodate large parties for walk-ins or day of reservations. Trust us!

Another thing to note, is that we are still in the rainy season here on Kaua’i. This usually runs through April but may vary, as mother nature can be unpredictable. But don’t let this stop you from adventuring! Our tours go out rain or shine and are still a blast! Just read out reviews 😉

Now, even though our whale watching season will be ending, that doesn’t mean you won’t see whales on your tour. Whales sometimes stick around as far out as May, so there is still a good chance of sighting them on your tour!

As always, stay stoked and we hope to see you on our next adventure!






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