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Dolphins You’ll See on Na Pali Coast Tour

Dolphins in clear blue water

Dolphin encounters are one of highlight of any Na Pali Coast Boat Trip.

The Hawaiian word for dolphin is Nai’a.

There are 4 kinds of dolphins in the Hawaiian waters, and the two most common species spotted in the waters around Kaua’i are Bottlenose Dolphins and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common species of dolphin, the same dolphins that you see all around the world in marine parks and in Hollywood movies.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are smaller than Bottlenose, and have a distinctive tri-tone coloring of dark gray, light gray, and white. Spinner dolphins get their name from the aerobic performance that they put on in the water. High jumps, flips, spins and even backflips! All movements are communication to the rest of the pod.

We always take precaution when greeted by pods of dolphins and adhere by the following guidelines as given out by NOAA.

Remain at least 50 yards from dolphins.
Limit your time observing to 1/2 hour.
Spinner dolphins should not be encircled or trapped between boats or shore.
If approached by a spinner dolphin while boating, put the engine in neutral and allow the animal to pass. Boat movement should be from the rear of the animal.

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