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Pineapple: The Golden Treasure of the Pirate Tour

chips and fruit

The reviews are in – people love our pineapple! Our crew slices and dices up the pineapple right there while the Na Pali Coast tour is anchored at Nualolo. Something about the combination of the salt water, warm weather and sweet local pineapple, perfectly chilled and freshly cut, make it the very best!

“…if that is not enough he treated us to the best pineapple ever.”

“The pineapple was the best I’ve EVER eaten! Delicious…”

“…sampled the tastiest pineapple we had on the island.”

“Nate set out freshly cut pineapple, the sweetest I had ever tasted!”

If you are ready to discover this treasure, book your Pirate Adventure today!