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Must Knows – Traveling to Kauai

a bird walking on the street

Every Hawaiian island is different, but Kauai is unique unto it’s own. Here are some tips to prepare yourself when visiting the Garden Isle.

  • First thing’s first, transportation. Unlike the other main islands, Kauai does not have Uber’s and Taxi’s readily available. Plan to rent a vehicle, as most of the must see’s on Kauai are in VERY rural areas. Trust us, you do not want to get stuck on the other side of the island because you cannot find an Uber back to your hotel.
  • There is one main road on Kauai, aka, no freeways. Be prepared to drive AROUND the island, instead of cutting through the middle like other islands. Because of this reason, it’s best to divide your activities up into sections. Take one day to explore the West Side, one day on the South/East Side, and another in North Shore. Although the island is small, it can take longer to drive a short distance because of the low speed limits, traffic, and possible construction.
  • Another fun fact is business hours are much different here. Many places are closed on random days and open late and close early.  Always make sure to call or check business hours before heading out.
  • Book your excursions early, especially the popular ones. Activities on Kauai Book out quickly, especially during peak travel seasons so its important to plan ahead.
  • No plastic please! Kauai has a very small landfill and does not have the ability to reycle many materials unlike the outer islands. It’s best to bring or purchase a flask for water, instead of buying plastic bottles and most hotels on the island have refill stations making it convenient for their guests.
  • Did you know you can rent beach gear? This is huge way to help with waste!
  • Buy local. About 90% of Hawaii’s food is imported from the mainland. Help support Kauai’s mission to be self sustainable by purchasing local produce and meat.

The most special part of Kauai is that it’s people have chosing peace over convenience. We may not be able to order take out at midnight or call an Uber at 2 am, but we do have one of the cleanest and safest islands.