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Best Quality Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling on the Na Pali Coast

Quality is important at Na Pali Pirates. We believe that our guests deserve the very best.

To make sure that we give our guest the best Na Pali snorkeling and swimming experience, we always make sure of two things: that conditions in the water are good and our snorkel gear is the best in the industry.

Our raft is one of the few vessels that are able to dock at Nualolo Kai, a calm snorkel spot rich with marine life. If conditions aren’t optimal for snorkeling, our captains know a few secret alternatives to make sure you get the very best swimming experience possible.

Our snorkel gear is top of the line.  We use professional quality mask (Deep See Omni Frameless) and snorkel (Aqua Lung Impulse 3) with custom strap pad for comfort. The mask is unique in that can conform to every face. This strap won’t get tangled in long hair!

Our gear is clean, maintained, swapped with new gear every day. The mask is unique in that it fits almost every face. We also have the same exact mask in a junior size with a junior snorkel mouth piece that works great for the kids.
Check out our Tripadvisor reviews to see that our guests rave about our gear. We are proud to offer the top quality to our guests. Ready to try out the gear yourself? Book your Na Pali Pirate Adventure today!