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Pirates Blog

Best Way to See the Na Pali Coast!

Na Pali Pirates is one of the best ways to experience the Na Pali Coast. It is a fun and wild adventure and is an ideal way to spend a celebration, birthday, or family reunion! Our raft can seat up to 14 people so its a perfect fit for the entire group! If you have…

3 Ways to See the Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is one of the most amazing and beautiful sights to see in all of Hawaii. If you visit Hawaii-more specifically Kaua’i-taking a tour of the Na Pali Coast is a must! There are several different tour options when considering seeing the Coast of the Na Pali. The first option is by…

Humpback Whales in Hawaii

Every winter, humpback whales make a journey from Alaska to spend the winter in Hawaii. They come to Hawaii to breed and to birth their calves before the long journey back to Alaska. The whales can travel as much as 16,000 miles to reach their breeding ground but the whales we see in Hawaii travel…

Most Instaworthy Sites on Na Pali Coast

Dolphin Encounters! From the stretch at Mana all the way up to Kalalau there is chance to see dolphins, eagle rays, fishes, and sea turtles. Open Ceiling Cave, most unique sea cave on the coast! Kalalau Valley, most beloved photo opportunity Sea Caves; In addition to open ceiling, there is Wai’napanapa, Honeymooners, Wai’ahu’akua, and Piriates cave! Honopu Beach, home of the famous arch. Snorkeling at Nualolo, rich with coral, fishes, and sea turtles. Ready to get the shot? Book your Pirate Adventure today!

Na Pali Coast Private Raft Tour

Celebrating a family reunion? Small destination wedding? Milestone birthday with friends? A private Na Pali Coast Raft adventure with Na Pali Pirates is the perfect group activity for any family or group of friends on vacation. Our 27′ zodiac raft is the best vessel to experience Na Pali and can fit up to 14 people….